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IBM Debuts Next Generation of Quantum Cloud Service

IBM Debuts Next-Generation Quantum Processor & IBM Quantum System Two, Extends Roadmap to Advance Era of Quantum Utility
6 months 3 weeks ago
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IBM has released the next generation of their quantum cloud service and announced their 10-year roadmap for
development towards a superconducting quantum computer.   IBM Quantum System Two offers users 133 qubits and a
five-times improvement in error rates over the previous generation.  Although this is still a relatively far shot from being
able to realize a quantum advantage in any particular application, it marks a significant step forward in the effort to scale
superconducting qubits.  Their intent is to continue to grow their quantum processors through the use of chip-to-chip
and even fridge-to-fridge couplings.  See this article for more details, informative video clips, and an image of their
development roadmap.