SCENET (The European Network for Superconductivity) no longer exists. We have preserved and archived the newsletters they have produced over time in PDF.

This is a large file (14MB) so may take awhile to download. Once downloaded, it is completely searchable using the Acrobat search tool (the little binocular icon). Click on the "pdf" for each entry on the first page, and you will jump down to the newsletter.

You may navigate throughout the file by using the Acrobat arrows:

|<    = back to first page     
<    = last page you looked at     
>    = next page     
>|    = last page of document     
Use the + or - signs or one of the three "page" icons to increase or decrease the size of the content. You can use your keyboard "Page Up" and "Page Down" keys to scroll throught the content.

You may want to save the SCENET Archives on your hard drive for faster access to the Archives.