15th Edition of the Workshop on Low Temperature Electronics

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Matera, Italy

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The 15th edition of the Workshop on Low Temperature Electronics (WOLTE-15) will be held in Matera, Italy. The recent progress in cryogenics technologies, along with the increasing interest in space-based communication, gives a new light to low temperature electronics. The increasing interest in quantum technologies and nanodevices, most of which need low temperatures, are envisaged as the traditional area of interest of the WOLTE community. This workshop series has a consistent policy of holding no parallel sessions. Therefore, its program is comprised of single technical sessions. This gives a unique opportunity to stimulate discussions among all the participants traditionally coming from a variety of semiconductor and superconductor-related research fields. Following its tradition of receptiveness to the emerging research field, the 15th edition of WOLTE, along with the traditional semiconducting and superconducting low temperature electronics, will include new topics on quantum technologies. Industrial and technological applications will receive particular attention in a dedicated and attractive exhibition area. Topics Low temperature electronics and magnetic devices Low temperature detectors and readouts Hybrids and integrated systems based on low temperature devices for electronic applications Integration of low-temperature electronics with photonic or spin-based quantum systems Advances in cryogenic cooling systems for electronics Innovative cryo packaging and cooling for quantum computers at scale Technologies to support design of large scale quantum systems Educational support for quantum technologies Low temperature electronics in space applications New trends in memory devices and neuromorphic computing at low temperatures For more information please contact Adrianna Correa (Click to show email)