SNF Issue No. 23, April 2013

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Special Issue No. 23

More ASC 2012 Papers and Presentations

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Editorial Forward
Editorial Presentations
ASC 2012
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Invited Annotated Presentations

Advances in Applied Superconductivity Technologies for High Luminosity LHC Project

Lucio Rossi

Nb3Sn IR Quadrupoles for HL-LHC

GianLuca Sabbi

Experience, Status and Prospects of HTS Rotating Machines with 1G and 2G HTS at Siemens

Tabea Arndt, M. Frank, J. Grundmann, P. van Hasselt, H.-P. Krämer, P. Kummeth, W. Nick, M. Oomen

Quench Analysis Of High Field REBCO Coils

W. Denis Markiewicz, Jan Jaroszynski, Aixia Xu, Dmytro Abraimov, Hongyu Bai, Heath Hartley, and Michael S. Walker

Interaction between BaZrO3 Nano-rods and RE2O3 Nano-dots and Its Effects on the Flux Pinning in Zr:REBCO Tapes

Yimin Chen and Changhui Lei
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Plenary Presentations
ASC 2008
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Contributed Papers
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Large Scale Applications


HTS DC Cable Line Project: On-going Activities in Russia

V.E Sytnikov, S.E. Bemert, Yu.V. Ivanov, S.I. Kopylov, I.V. Krivetskiy, D.S. Rimorov, M.S. Romashov, Yu.G. Shakaryan, R.N. Berdnikov, Yu.A. Dementyev, Yu.A. Goryushin, D.G. Timofeev

LIQHYSMES - a 48 GJ Toroidal MgB2-SMES for Buffering Minute and Second Fluctuations

Michael Sander, Rainer Gehring and Holger Neumann

A Study on Application of Superconducting Fault Current Limiter to Energy Storage Protection in Power Distribution System

Won-Sik Moon, Jong-Nam Won, and Jae-Chul Kim

Review of Superconducting Generator Topologies for Direct-Drive Wind Turbines

Ronghai Qu, Senior Member, IEEE, Yingzhen Liu, and Jin Wang

The Superferric Cyclotron Gas Stopper Magnet Design and Fabrication

S. S. Chouhan, M. A. Green, Sr. Member, IEEE, G. Bollen, J. DeKamp, D. Lawton, C. Magsig, D. Morrissey, J. Ottarson, S. Schwarz and A. F. Zeller, Sr. Member, IEEE

AC Losses of Pancake Coils Made of Roebel Cable

Francesco Grilli, Victor Zermeño, Michal Vojenčiak, Enric Pardo, Member, IEEE, Anna Kario, and Wilfried Goldacker
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Contributed Papers
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Other Topics


Sub-μm Josephson Junctions for Superconducting Quantum Devices

J. M. Meckbach, Member, IEEE, M. Merker, S. J. Buehler, K. Ilin, B. Neumeier, U. Kienzle, E. Goldobin, R. Kleiner, D. Koelle, M. Siegel

Field Mapping for Characterization of Superconducting Tapes, as a Function of the Position and Magnetic Flux Density

J. Leclerc, K. Berger, B. Douine, J. Lévêque

Effect of Thermal Cycle on the Lattice Structure in RHQ-Nb3Al Superconducting Wire

Xinzhe Jin , Tatsushi Nakamoto, Kiyosumi Tsuchiya, Toru Ogitsu, Akira Yamamoto, Akihiro Kikuchi, Takao Takeuchi, Stefanus Harjo, Takayoshi Ito, and Yo Tomota

Fabrication of Nb/Al2O3/Nb Josephson Junctions Using in situ Magnetron Sputtering and Atomic Layer Deposition

Rongtao Lu, Alan J. Elliot, Logan Wille, Bo Mao, Siyuan Han, Judy Z. Wu, John Talvacchio, Heidi M. Schulze, Rupert M. Lewis, Daniel J. Ewing, H. F. Yu, G. M. Xue, and S. P. Zhao