SNF Issue No. 24, April 2013

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Special Issue No. 24

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Editorial Forward
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Science and Technology Communications
Editorial Presentations

Recent Advances in Iron-based Superconducting Wires and Tapes

Chao Yao, He Lin, Qianjun Zhang, Xianping Zhang, Dongliang Wang, Yanwei Ma
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Science and Technology Highlights
Editorial Presentations

Ultra-low Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging Detection with Gradient Tensor Compensation in Urban Unshielded Environment

Hui Dong, Longqing Qiu, Wen Shi, Baolin Chang, Yang Qiu, Lu Xu, Chao Liu, Yi Zhang, Hans-Joachim Krause, Andreas Offenhäusser and Xiaoming Xie

Noise Characterization of Highly Sensitive SQUID Magnetometer Systems in Unshielded Environments

A. Chwala, J. Kingman, R. Stolz, M. Schmelz, V. Zakosarenko, S. Linzen, F. Bauer, M. Starkloff, M. Meyer and H.-G. Meyer

SQUID-based Setup for the Absolute Measurement of Earth’s Magnetic Field

T. Schönau, M. Schmelz, V. Zakosarenko, R. Stolz, M. Meyer, S. Anders, L. Fritzsch and H.-G. Meyer

Vortex Dynamics as Function of Field Orientation in BaFe1.9Ni0.1As2

S. Salem-Sugui, Jr, L. Ghivelder, A.D. Alvarenga, L.F. Cohen, Huiqian Luo and Xingue Lu
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Science and Technology Paper
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