SNF Issue No. 25, July 2013

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Editorial Forward
Editorial Presentations
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Editorial Presentations

Computation of Losses in HTS Under the Action of Varying Magnetic Fields and Currents

Francesco Grilli, Enric Pardo, Member, IEEE, Antti Stenvall, Doan N. Nguyen, Weijia Yuan, and Fedor Gömöry, Member, IEEE

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Science and Technology Highlights
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We highlight important papers published in peer-reviewed journals. Any author can submit a highlight for consideration. SNF Editors select those deserving broad dissemination and also encourage submissions of highlights on work they consider important. These highlights appear in SNF immediately after acceptance, on a daily basis, in the Section New Paper and Result Highlights. At the end of each quarter they are also listed in the next quarterly issue of SNF as “SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY HIGHLIGHTS”.

Editorial Presentations

Disorder Goes Coherent

Maria Jose Martinez-Peres and Francesco Giazotto
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Science and Technology Paper
Editorial Presentations

SQUID-based ULF MRI and Superparamagnetic Relaxometry for Early Cancer Diagnostics

Andrei N. Matlashov, Per E. Magnelind, Young Jin Kim, Henrik Sandin, Aaron Anderson, Harshini Mukundan, and Michelle A. Espy
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Plenary CEC/ICMC Presentations

Cryogenics for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC): from Construction to Operation and Future Upgrades

Phillipe LeBrun

Selection and Properties of Structural Materials for Cryogenic Applications

Philippe Lebrun
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Superconducting Materials

The Effect of 45° Grain Boundaries and Associated Fe Particles on Jc and Resistivity in Ba(Fe0.9Co0.1)2As2 Thin Films

J. Hänisch, K. Iida, F. Kurth, T. Thersleff, S. Trommler, E. Reich, R. Hühne, L. Schultz, and B. Holzapfel
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Functional Materials

Stress-induced Martensitic Transformation during Tensile Test of Full-size TF Conductor Jacket Tube at 4.2 K

H. H. Yang, Z. X. Wu, C. J. Huang, R. J. Huang, S.P. Li and L. F. Li

Estimation of Uncertainty for Fatigue Growth Rate at Cryogenic Temperatures

Arman Nyilas, Klaus P. Weiss, Elisabeth Urbach, Dawid J. Marcinek

Effect of Thermo-mechanical Processing on the Material Properties at Low Temperature of a Large Size Al-Ni Stabilized Nb-Ti/Cu Superconducting Cable

S.A.E. Langeslag, B. Curé, S. Sgobba, A. Dudarev, H.H.J. ten Kate, J. Neuenschwander, and I. Jerjen