SNF Issue No. 8, April 2009

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Editorial Forward
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Editorial Forward Issue No. 8

ESNF Editorial Team
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Critical Reviews - Invited
Editorial Presentations

Recent SQUID Activities in Europe, Part I: Devices

Alex I. Braginski and Gordon B. Donaldson
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Regional News
Editorial Presentations

New European Accelerator Project EuCARD: Work Package on High Field Magnets

Gijs de Rijk

SQUID Activities at PTB: Status 2008

Thomas Schurig and Lutz Trahms
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Science and Technology News
Editorial Presentations

Ultra-low Field MRI for the Detection of Liquid Explosives Using SQUIDs

Michelle Espy, Mark Flynn, John Gomez, Christina Hanson, Robert Kraus, Per Magnelind, Karlene Maskaly, Andrei Matlashov, Shaun Newman, Tuba Owens, Mark Peters, Henrik Sandin, Igor Savukov, Larry Schultz, Algis Urbaitis, Petr Volegov, Vadim Zotev

The 350 Micrometer Wavelength Superconducting Bolometer Camera for APEX

T. May, V. Zakosarenko, E. Heinz, S. Anders, A. Krüger, E. Kreysa, W. Esch, G. Siringo, and H.-G. Meyer

AC Loss and Voltage Signal in a Pancake Coil Made of Coated Conductor with Ferromagnetic Substrate

E. Pardo, J. Šouc, M. Vojenčiak, and F. Gömöry