SNF Issue No. 14, October 2010

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Editorial Forward
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Regional News
Editorial Presentations

NioCAD - Brief History and Current Activities

Jan Pool, Retief Gerber, Dirk Bull
ASC 2010
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Plenary Papers

Future Directions for Cuprate Conductors

Judith L. MacManus-Driscoll and Stuart C. Wimbush

US Navy’s Superconductivity Programs: Scientific Curiosity to Fleet Utility

Donald U. Gubser
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Invited Papers - Electronics (E)

Co-registration of MEG and ULF MRI Using a 7 Channel Low-Tc SQUID System

Per E. Magnelind, John J. Gomez, Andrei N. Matlashov, Tuba Owens, J. Henrik Sandin, Petr L. Volegov, and Michelle A. Espy

Performance of the ALMA Band 10 SIS Receiver Prototype Model

Yasunori Fujii, Matthias Kroug, Keiko Kaneko, Alvaro Gonzalez, Yoshinori Uzawa, Takafumi Kojima, Koich Kuroiwa, Akihira Miyachi, Kazumasa Makise, Zhen Wang, and Wenlei Shan, Member, IEEE

Design and Demonstration of a 5-Bit Flash-Type SFQ A/D Converter Integrated with Error Correction and Interleaving Circuits

H. Suzuki, M. Oikawa, K. Nishii, K. Ishihara, K. Fujiwara, M. Maruyama, and M. Hidaka

Magnesium Diboride Flexible Flat Cables for Cryogenic Electronics

Chris S. Yung and Brian H. Moeckly
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Invited Papers - Large Scale Applications (L)

Status of Superconducting Cable Demonstration Project in Japan

Shoichi Honjo, Tomoo Mimura, Yutaka Kitoh, Yu Noguchi, Takato Masuda, Hiroyasu Yumura, Michihiko Watanabe, Masamitsu Ikeuchi and Hiroharu Yaguchi

Review of Design Aspects for High Current Nb3Sn Conductors

Pierluigi Bruzzone

Development and Deployment of Saturated-Core Fault Current Limiters in Distribution and Transmission Substations

Franco Moriconi, Francisco De La Rosa, Senior Member, IEEE, Frank Darmann, Albert Nelson, Member, IEEE, and Larry Masur

Advances in Whole-Body MRI Magnets

Thomas C. Cosmus and Michael Parizh
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Invited Papers - Materials and Conductors (M)

A New Generation of in situ MgB2 Wires with Improved Jc and Birr Values Obtained by Cold Densification (CHPD)

René Flükiger, Md. Shahriar Al Hossain, Carmine Senatore, Florin Buta and Matt Rindfleisch

AC Loss Reduction in Filamentized YBCO Coated Conductors with Virtual Transverse Cross-cuts

Yifei Zhang Member IEEE, Robert C. Duckworth, Tam T. Ha, Frederick A. List III, Michael J. Gouge, Yimin Chen, Xuming Xiong, Venkat Selvamanickam and Anatolii Polyanskii

Enhanced Connectivity and Percolation in Binary and Doped in situ MgB2 Wires after Cold High Pressure Densification

Carmine Senatore, Md. Shahriar Al Hossain, and René Flükiger

Dynamic Resistance of YBCO-Coated Conductors in Applied AC Fields with DC Transport Currents and DC Background Fields

Robert C. Duckworth, Yifei F. Zhang, Tam Ha, and Michael J. Gouge

Progress in Performance Improvement and New Research Areas for Cost Reduction of 2G HTS Wires

V. Selvamanickam, Y. Chen, I. Kesgin, A. Guevara, T. Shi, Y. Yao, Y. Qiao, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang, G. Majkic, G. Carota, A. Rar, Y. Xie, J. Dackow, B. Maiorov, L. Civale, V. Braccini, J. Jaroszynski, A. Xu, D. Larbalestier, and R. Bhattacharya