SNF Issue No. 10, October 2009

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Editorial Forward Issue No. 10
Editorial Presentations

Editorial Forward Issue No. 10

ESNF Editorial Team
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Critical Reviews - Invited
Editorial Presentations

Challenges For Cryogenics At ITER

L. Serio for the ITER Organization, Domestic Agencies and Collaborators
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Regional News - Invited
Editorial Presentations

Recent Activities at ISTEC

Shinya Hasuo
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Science & News Technology - CEC Papers - Cryocoolers
Editorial Presentations

Raytheon RSP2 Cryocooler Low Temperature Testing and Design Enhancements

R. C. Hon, C. S. Kirkconnell, and J. A. Shrago

Figures of Merit for Multi-Stage Cryocoolers

J. Delmas, A.M. Kadin, R.J. Webber, and E.K. Track

Ultimate Temperature of Pulse Tube Cryocoolers

P. Kittel

Study on a Single-Stage 120Hz Pulse Tube Cryocooler

Wu Y. Z., Gan Z. H., Qiu L. M., Chen J., Li Z. P., Cao X. L.

Optimization Calculations for a 30 HZ, 4 K Regenerator with Helium-3 Working Fluid

Ray Radebaugh, Yonghua Huang, Agnes O’Gallagher, and John Gary

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of a 4 K Single-Stage Stirling Type Pulse Tube Cryocooler with Precooling

Z.P. Li, J. Chen, Z.H. Gan*, and L.M. Qiu

A Non-Tube Inertance Device for Pulse Tube Cryocoolers

S.W.K. Yuan, D.G.T. Curran, and J.S. Cha
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Science & News Technology - CEC Papers - Accelerator Components and Systems
Editorial Presentations

Injector Upgrade for the Superconducting Electron Accelerator S-Dalinac

T. Kuerzeder, J. Conrad, R. Eichhorn, J.D. Fuerst, B. Bravo Garcia, H.-D. Graef, C. Liebig, W.F.O. Mueller, A. Richter, F. Schlander, S. Sievers, and T. Weiland

Superconducting Ring Cyclotron for Riken RI Beam Factory in Japan

H. Okuno, T. Dantsuka, K. Yamada, M. Kase, T. Maie and O. Kamigaito

LARP NB3Sn Quadrupole Magnets for the LHC Luminosity Upgrade

Paolo Ferracin
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Science & News Technology - CEC Papers - Tokamak Refrigeration
Editorial Presentations

Operation Results of the KSTAR Helium Refrigeration System

H.- S. Chang, E. Fauve, D.-S. Park, J.-J. Joo, K.-M. Moon, K.-W. Cho, H. K. Na, M. Kwon, S.-H. Yang, and G. Gistau-Baguer
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Science & News Technology - ICMC Papers - MgB2 and LTS Conductors & Cables
Editorial Presentations

Experimental Studies of Transverse Stress Effects on the Critical Current of Sub-sized Niobium-tin Superconducting Cables

L. Chiesa, M. Takayasu, and J. V. Minervini

Contact Mechanics Model for Transverse Load Effects on Superconducting Strands in Cable-in-Conduit Conducters

L. Chiesa, M. Takayasu, and J. V. Minervini

Plasma Synthesized Boron Nano-Sized Powder for MgB2 Wires

J. V. Marzik, R. C. Lewis, M. R. Nickles, D. K. Finnemore, J. Yue, M. Tomsic, M. Rindfleisch, M. D. Sumption

Mechanical Properties of Modified JK2LB for Nb3Sn CICC Applications

R. P. Walsh, K. Han, V. J. Toplosky, N. N. Martovetsky, T. L. Mann Jr.and J. R. Miller

Fine Grained Nb for Internal Tin Nb3Sn Conductors

S.Balachandran, R.E.Barber, Y. Huang, H.Miao, J.A. Parrell, S. Hong, R.B. Griffin, K.T.Hartwig

Bending Effects on Critical Currents of Nb3Sn Superconducting Wires

M. Takayasu, L. Chiesa, J. H. Schultz, and J. V. Minervini
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Science & News Technology - ICMC Papers - HTS Coated Conductors Tapes
Editorial Presentations

Torsion Strain Effects on Critical Currents of HTS Superconducting Tapes

Makoto Takayasu, Joseph V. Minervini, and Leslie Bromberg

Microstructure and Critical Current Density of YBa2Cu3O7-x + BaSnO3Thick Films Grown with Pre-Mixed Pulsed Laser Ablation Target

J. Burke, C.V. Varanasi, L. Brunke, H. Wang, J.H. Lee, P.N. Barnes

Second Phase (BaGeO3, BaSiO3) Nanocolumns in YBa2Cu3O7-xFilms

C. V. Varanasi, J. Reichart, J. Burke, H. Wang, M. Susner, M. Sumption, P.N. Barnes
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Science & News Technology - ICMC Papers - Bulk HTS Materials
Editorial Presentations

The Generation of High Trapped Fields in Bulk (RE)BCO High Temperature Superconductors

D. A. Cardwell, W. K. Yeoh, S. K. Pathak, Y-H Shi, A. R. Dennis, N. Hari Babu, and K. Iida

The Puzzle of Two Different Sub-Micrometer Tungsten-Rich Deposits in Bulk YBCO: One Acts as Pinning Centers and the Other Does Not

Ravi-Persad Sawh, Roy Weinstein, Drew Parks, and Alberto Gandini

HTS Coated Conductors Developed for the European Super3C Cable

Alexander Usoskin, Alexander Rutt, Herbert C. Freyhardt,, Burkhard Prause, Klaus Schlenga, Jean-Maxime Saugrain, Arnaud Allais, Dag Willén