SNF Issue No. 11, January 2010

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EUCAS 2009
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Electronics - Detector-Related

Superconducting Nanowire Single-photon Detectors: Quantum Efficiency vs. Thickness of NbN Films

M. Hofherr, D. Rall, K. S. Ilin, A. Semenov, N. Gippius and H.-W. Hübersand M. Siegel

Energy Relaxation Time in NbN and YBCO Thin Films under Optical Irradiation

D. Rall, P. Probst, M. Hofherr, S. Wünsch, K. Ilin, U. Lemmerand M. Siegel
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Large Insterment Magnets

Progress on the Superconducting Magnets for the MICE Cooling Channel

M. A. Green, S. P. Virostek, D. Li, M. S. Zisman, L. Wang, H. Pan, H. Wu, X. L. Guo, F. Y. Xu, X. K. Liu, S. X. Zheng, T. Bradshaw, D. E. Baynham, J. Cobb, W. Lau, P. Lau, and S. Q. Yang

Test Results of TQS03: a LARP Shell-based Nb3Sn Quadrupole Using 108/127 Conductor

H. Felice, G. Ambrosio, M. Bajko, E. Barzi, B. Bordini, R. Bossert, S. Caspi, D. Dietderich, P. Ferracin, J. Feuvrier, A. Ghosh, A. Godeke, J. Lizarazo, L. Rossi, G. Sabbi, P. Wanderer, X. Wang, A. V. Zlobin
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HTS High-dynamic Electrical Motors

K. L. Kovalev, D. S. Dezhin, L. K. Kovalev, V. N. Poltavets, R. I. Ilyasov, D. S. Golovanov, B. Oswald, K.-J. Best, W. Gawalek

Development and Construction of an HTS Rotor for Ship Propulsion Application

W. Nick, M. Frank, P. Kummeth, J. J. Rabbers, M. Wilke and K. Schleicher
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Power Cables and related

Grid Impact Analysis of a HTSC Cable by Using an Enhanced Conventional Simulator

Gerard Del-Rosario-Calaf, Andreas Sumper, Xavier Granados and Antoni Sudria-Andreu

HTS Cable Design and Evaluation in YOKOHAMA Project

H. Yumura, M. Ohya, Y. Ashibe, M. Watanabe, T. Minamino, T. Masuda, S. Honjo, T. Mimura, Y. Kitohand Y. Noguchi

Long Length HTS Cable with Integrated FCL Property

Irina Melnik, Alex Geschiere, Dag Willén, Heidi Lentge
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Transformers and Fault Current Limiters

Application Possibilities with Continuous YBCO Loops Made of HTS Wire

J. Kosa, I. Vajda, A. Gyore

Study of Superconducting Fault Current Limiter Model with AC Circuit-breaker

D. Alferov, A. Budovsky, I. Dul’kin, L. Fisher, V. Ivanov, V. Sidorov, R. Shul’ga, E. Tshay and D. Yevsin

First Commercial Medium Voltage Superconducting Fault-Current Limiters - Production, Test and Installation

R. Dommerque, S. Krämer, A. Hobl, R. Böhm, M. Bludau, J. Bock, D. Klaus, H. Piereder, A. Wilson, T. Krüger, G. Pfeiffer, K. Pfeiffer, S. Elschner

Development of 2 MVA Class Superconducting Fault Current Limiting Transformer (SFCLT) with YBCO Coated Conductors

M. Kotari, H. Kojima, N. Hayakawa, F. Endo, H. Okubo
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Materials and Conductors - Mainly Low-Tc Conductors and MgB2: Materials, Thin Films, Conductors

Phase Transformations During the Reaction Heat Treatment of Nb3Sn Superconductors

C. Scheuerlein, M. Di Michiel, L. Thilly, F. Buta, X. Peng, E. Gregory, J. A. Parrell, I. Pong, B. Bordini, M. Cantoni

Sn Concentration Gradients in Powder-in-Tube Superconductors

M. Cantoni, C. Scheuerlein, P.-Y. Pfirter, F. de Borman, J. Rossen, G. Arnau, L. Oberliand P. Lee

RF Critical Magnetic Field Measurement of MgB2 and NbN Thin Films Coated on Nb

T. Tajima, A. Burrell, G. Eremeev, V. Dolgashev, D. Martin, C. Nantista, S. Tantawi, C. Yoneda, B.H. Moeckly, I. Campisi

Influence of Nanoparticle Doping on Electronic Properties of MgB2 Bulk Samples

L. Gozzelino, R. Gerbaldo, G. Ghigo, F. Laviano, G. Lopardo, E. Mezzetti, G. A. Ummarino, G. Giunchi, E. Perini, L. Saglietti, E. Bassaniand B. Minetti

Modelling of Transient State Phenomena of Composite Superconducting Conductors During Pulse Ic(B) Measurements

S. Krosny, M. Woźniak, S. C. Hopkins, M. A. Stępień, B. Grzesik, B. A. Glowacki

Determination of the Critical Temperature and Oxygen Content Variations Along the c-axis of YBCO Epitaxial Films

Yohann Thimont, Jean-François Hamet, Séverine Mouchel and Pierre Bernstein
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Bulk HTS

Theoretical Simulation Studies of Pulsed Field Magnetisation of (RE)BCO Bulk Superconductors

Z. Xu, R. Lewin, A. M. Campbell, D. A. Cardwell and H. Jones
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Upper Critical Fields up to 60 T and the Vortex Matter Phase Diagram of Arsenic-deficient LaO0.9F0.1FeAs1-δ

G. Fuchs, S.-L. Drechsler, N. Kozlova, V. Grinenko, J. Freudenberger, M. Bartkowiak, G. Behr, C. Hess, R. Klingeler, A. Köhler, K. Nenkov, H.-H. Klauss, B. Büchner and L. Schultz

Electromagnetic Response of LaO0.94F0.06FeAs: AC Susceptibility and Microwave Surface Resistance

A. Agliolo Gallitto, G. Bonsignore, M. Bonura, M. Li Vigni, J. L. Luoand, A. F. Shevchun
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HTS Conductors and Assembled Conductors

Effect of Nanosize BaZrO3 Inclusions on Vortex Parameters in YBa2Cu3O7−x

E. Silva, N. Pompeo, R. Rogai, A. Augieri, V. Galluzzi, G. Celentano

Thin Film Nanocomposites Based on YBCO with Defects Comprised of Self-assembled Inclusions

O. V. Boytsova, A. R. Kaul, S. V. Samoilenkov, I. E. Voloshin

Critical Current Density in Ag/YBa2Cu3Ox and PrBa2Cu3Oy/YBa2Cu3Ox Multilayers

V. S. Dang*, P. Mikheenko, A. Sarkar, J. S. Abell and A. Crisan

Evaluation of Current Transport Properties of Gd1Ba2Cu3O7-δ Coated Conductors over a Wide Range of Temperature and External Magnetic Fields

R. Fuger, M. Inoue, K. Higashikawa, T. Kiss, M. Namba, S. Awaji, K. Watanabe, A. Ibi, H. Fukushima, Y. Yamadaand T. Izumi

Current Distribution in HTSC Tapes Obtained by Inverse Problem Calculation

M. Carrera, X. Granados, J. Amorós, R. Maynou, T. Puig, X. Obradors

Characterization of Electrical Resistance of HTS Coated Conductors at High Currents Using Ultra-Fast Regulated Current Pulses

Frédéric Sirois, Jonathan Coulombe, François Roy, Bertrand Dutoit
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AC Losses in HTS Conductors

AC Magnetization Loss in Striated YBCO Conductors

V. Grinenko, K. Nenkov, C. Stiehler, G. Fuchs, B. Holzapfel

AC Losses in Non-inductive Coated Conductor Coils with Field-dependent Critical Current Density

Francesco Grilli, Frédéric Sirois, Simon Brault, Roberto Brambilla, Luciano Martini, Doan N. Nguyen and Wilfried Goldacker

Theory of AC Loss in Cables with 2G HTS Wire

J. R. Clem and A. P. Malozemoff

AC Loss of a Model 5m 2G HTS Power Cable Using Wires with NiW Substrates

V. S. Vysotsky, K. A. Shutov, A.A. Nosov, N.V. Polyakova, S.S. Fetisov, V.V. Zubko and V.E. Sytnikov, W. L. Carter, S. Fleshler, A. P. Malozemoff and G. Snitchler

A New Numerical Approach to Fnd Current Distribution and AC Losses in Coaxial Assembly of Twisted HTS Tapes in Single Layer Arrangement

Majid Siahrang, Frédéric Sirois, Francesco Grilli, Slobodan Babicand Simon Brault

Partial Discharge Activities under AC/Impulse Superimposed Voltage in LN2/Polypropylene Laminated Paper Insulation System for HTS Cables

N. J. Long, R. A. Badcock, K. Hamilton, A. Wright, Z. Jiang, L. S. Lakshmi

Development of YBCO Roebel Cables for High Current Transport and Low AC Loss Applications

N. J. Long, R. A. Badcock, K. Hamilton, A. Wright, Z. Jiang, L. S. Lakshmi