SNF Issue No. 15, January 2012

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Editorial Forward
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Regional News - History
Editorial Presentations

The Discovery of Superconductivity

Dirk van Delft and Peter Kes
ASC 2010
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Invited Papers- E, L and M

Design of JT-60SA Magnets and Associated Experimental Validations

L. Zani, P. Barabaschi, D. Duglue, L. Meunier, M. Peyrot, V. Tomarchio, M. Verrecchia, P. Decool, J.-L. Marechal, A. Torre, A. Cucchiaro, A. della Corte, A. Di Zenobio, L. Muzzi, S. Turtù, S. Ishida, K. Yoshida, K. Tsuchiya, K. Kizu, and H. Murakami

Energy-Efficient Single Flux Quantum Technology

Oleg A. Mukhanov, Senior Member, IEEE

Test Results of a NbTi Wire for the ITER Poloidal Field Magnets: A Validation of the 2-pinning Components Model

L. Muzzi, G. De Marzi, C. Fiamozzi Zignani, U. Besi Vetrella, V. Corato, A. Rufoloni, and A. della Corte
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Contributed Papers - Electronics

Progress with Physically and Logically Reversible Superconducting Digital Circuits

Jie Ren and Vasili K. Semenov

Hybrid Semiconductor-Superconductor Fast-Readout Memory for Digital RF Receivers

O. A. Mukhanov, Senior Member, IEEE, A. F. Kirichenko, T. V. Filippov, S. Sarwana

New Generation of Nanowire NbN Superconducting Single-Photon Detector for Mid-Infrared

Yuliya Korneeva, Irina Florya, Alexander Semenov, Alexander Korneev, and Gregory Goltsman

Voltage Biased SQUID Bootstrap Circuit: Circuit Model and Numerical Simulation

Yongliang Wang, Xiaoming Xie, Hui Dong, Guofeng Zhang, Huiwu Wang, Yi Zhang, Michael Mück, Hans-Joachim Krause, Alex. I. Braginski, IEEE Life Fellow, Andreas Offenhäusser, and Mianheng Jiang

NbTiN Hot Electron Bolometer Waveguide Mixers on Si3N4 Membranes at THz Frequencies

Patrick Pütz, Karl Jacobs, Matthias Justen, Florian Schomaker, Michael Schultz, Stephan Wulff, and C. E. Honingh

Design and Experimental Evaluation of SQIF Arrays with Linear Voltage Response

V. K. Kornev, I. I. Soloviev, N. V. Klenov, and O. A. Mukhanov, Senior Member, IEEE

Linear Bi-SQUID Arrays for Electrically Small Antennas

Victor K. Kornev, Igor I. Soloviev, Nikolay V. Klenov, Alexey V. Sharafiev, and Oleg A. Mukhanov, Senior Member, IEEE

Two Level System Loss in Superconducting Microwave Resonators

David P. Pappas, Senior Member IEEE, Michael R. Vissers, David S. Wisbey, Jeffrey S. Kline and Jiansong Gao

Shapiro Step Response of Intrinsic Josephson Junctions with High Critical Currents of (Bi1-xPbx)2Sr2CaCu2Oy

Nurmiza Binti Othman, Gin-ichiro Oya, Michihide Kitamura, and Akinobu Irie

Flux-Coupled Direct Feedback in a SQUID Amplifier

Bruce A. Hines, Kyle M. Sundqvist, Dennis N. Seitz, Martin E. Huber

Modeling the Behavior of HTS Terahertz RSQUIDs

Colin M. Pegrum, John C. Macfarlane and Jia Du
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Contributed Papers - Large Scale Applications (L)

Fault Current Limitation by a Transformer Type FCL Based on the Second Generation HTS Wires

L. S. Fleishman, E. P. Volkov, V. A. Malginov, A. V. Malginov, A. Yu. Kuntsevich, and A. S. Sheynshteyn

Simulation of Interstrand Coupling Loss in Cable-In-Conduit Conductors with JackPot-AC

E. P. A. van Lanen and A. Nijhuis

Test Results of the First 3.7 m Long Nb3Sn Quadrupole by LARP and Future Plans

G. Ambrosio, N. Andreev, M. Anerella, E. Barzi, B. Bingham, D. Bocian, R. Bossert, S. Caspi, G. Chlachidize, D. Dietderich, J. Escallier, H. Felice, P. Ferracin, A. Ghosh, A. Godeke, R. Hafalia, R. Hannaford, G. Jochen, V. V. Kashikhin, M. J. Kim, P. K

Comparison of a Contact Mechanics Model with Experimental Results to Optimize the Prediction of Transverse Load Effects of Large Superconducting Cable-In-Conduit-Conductor

Luisa Chiesa, and Makoto Takayasu

Texturing of micaceous superconductor powder and fabrication of wire to preserve the texture Peter McIntyre for the AMS Collaboration

Peter McIntyre for the AMS Collaboration

Characterization of 2G Superconductor Magnetic Shields at 40-77 K

Jozef Kvitkovic, Parikshit Patil, Sastry V. Pamidi and John Voccio

Cabling Method for High Current Conductors Made of HTS Tapes

M. Takayasu, L. Chiesa, L. Bromberg, and J. V. Minervini

Current Limiting and Recovery Characteristics of 2 MVA Class Superconducting Fault Current Limiting Transformer (SFCLT)

Hiroki Kojima, Masashi Kotari, Toyoaki Kito, Naoki Hayakawa Member IEEE, Masahiro Hanai Member IEEE, and Hitoshi Okubo Member IEEE

Mechanical Performance of the LARP Nb3Sn Quadrupole Magnet LQS01

P. Ferracin, G. Ambrosio, M. Anerella, B. Bingham, R. Bossert, S. Caspi, D. W. Cheng, G. Chlachidze, H. Felice, A. R. Hafalia, W. Mumper, F. Nobrega, S. Prestemon, G. L. Sabbi, J. Schmalzle, C. Sylvester, M. Tartaglia, P. Wanderer, and A.V. Zlobin

A Small 1.5 T Persistent Current Operating Test Magnet Using MgB2 Wire with High jcJoints

Xiaohang Li, Dong Zhang, Jingye Zhang, Zhaoshun Gao, Shaotao Dai, Zhifeng Zhang, Dong Xia, Guomin Zhang, Dongliang Wang, Yanwei Ma, Liangzhen Lin and Liye Xiao

Development of a 1 MVA 3-Phase Superconducting Transformer using YBCO Roebel Cable

Neil Glasson, Mike Staines, Robert Buckley, Mohinder Pannu, and Swarn Kalsi
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Contributed Papers - Materials and Conductors (M)

Fundamental Evaluations of Transverse Load Effects of Nb3Sn Strands Using Finite Element Analysis

T. Wang, L. Chiesa, and M. Takayasu

A Model to Study Plastic Deformation in Nb3Sn Wires

E. Barzi, M. Bossert, G. Gallo

Nonlinear Near-Field Microwave Microscope for RF Defect Localization in Superconductors

Tamin Tai, X. X. Xi, C. G. Zhuang, Dragos I. Mircea, Steven M. Anlage

Local Magnetic Investigations of MgB2 Bulk Samples for Magnetic Shielding Applications

Laura Gozzelino, Bruno Minetti, Roberto Gerbaldo, Gianluca Ghigo, Francesco Laviano, Angelo Agostino and Enrica Mezzetti

Scale up of Coated Conductor Substrate Process by Reel-to-reel Planarization of Amorphous Oxide Layers

Yunfei Qiao, Yimin Chen, Xuming Xiong, Sungjin Kim, Vladimir Matias, Chris Sheehan, Yue Zhang, Venkat Selvamanickam

Electrical Characteristics of Stacks of YBCO Tapes in Applied Magnetic Field

Jae-Ho Kim, Chul Han Kim, Parikshit Patil, Jozef Kvitkovic, and Sastry Pamidi

Investigation of Power Dissipation Mechanisms in Coated Conductors at High Current Densities Based on Ultra-Fast Pulsed Current Measurements

Pierre Bernstein, Connor McLoughlin, Yohann Thimont, Frédéric Sirois, Senior Member IEEE, Jonathan Coulombe, Member IEEE

Composition Effects on the Critical Current of MOCVD-processed Zr:GdYBCO Coated Conductors in an Applied Magnetic Field

Yimin Chen, Tuo Shi, Albert P. Guevara, Yangxin Zhang, Yao Yao, Ibrahim Kesgin, and Venkat Selvamanickam

Performances of Trapped Magnetic Field in Superconducting Bulk Magnets Activated by Pulsed Field Magnetization

T. Oka, H. Seki, J. Ogawa, S. Fukui, T. Sato, and K. Yokoyama

Transport AC Loss Measurements in Superconducting Coils

Jae-Ho Kim, Chul Han Kim, Gopal Iyyani, Jozef Kvitkovic, and Sastry Pamidi

Differential Conductance Measurements of MgB2-Based Josephson Junctions Below 1 Kelvin

Steve Carabello, Joseph Lambert, Jerome Mlack, and Roberto Ramos
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PASREG Contributions Submitted to SSUST and Prepublished by ESNF

Materials Process and Machine Application of Bulk HTS

M. Miki, B. Felder, K.Tsuzuki, Y. Xu, Z. Deng, M. Izumi, H. Hayakawa, M. Moritaand H. Teshima

Influence of Post-growth Thermal Treatments on the Critical Current Density of TSMG YBCO Bulk Superconductors

P. Diko, V. Antal, K. Zmorayová, M. Šefčiková, X. Chaud, J. Kováč, X. Yao, X. Chen, M. Eisterer and H. W. Weber

Self-heating of Bulk High Temperature Superconductors of Finite Height Subjected to a Large Alternating Magnetic Field

P Laurent, J-F Fagnard, N Hari Babu, D A Cardwell, B Vanderheyden and P Vanderbemden
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PASREG Contributions Submitted to ESNF

Improvement of the Flux Trapping in Gd-Ba-Cu-O Bulk Using Magnetic Particles

K Tsuzuki, S Hara, K Xu, Y Xu, C Harnois, M Izumi

Multi-domain Bulk Y-Ba-Cu-O with Artificial Holes for Non-contact Torque Transfer Applications

Atikorn Wongsatanawarid, Hironori Seki and Masato Murakami

Development of Textured YBaCuO Bulk with Artificially Patterned Walls

J.G. Noudem, X. Chaud, D. Kenfaui and E. Louradour

Effects of Reinforcement with Fe-Mn-Si Shape Memory Alloy Ring on Mechanical and Magnetic Properties of Bulk Y-Ba-Cu-O Superconductors

Hironori Seki, Atikorn Wongsatanawarid, Yotaro Shimpo, Masato Murakami, Hiromi Sakai, Takashi Kurita, Tadakatsu Maruyama

Novel Magnetizing Method for Permanent Magnets by Using Static Magnetic Field Generated by HTS Bulk Magnet

Tetsuo Oka, Nobutaka Kawasaki, Tomoki Muraya, Satoshi Fukui, Jun Ogawa, Takao Sato, Toshihisa Terasawa, Yoshitaka Itoh, Ryohei Yabuno