SNF Issue No. 6, October 2008

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ASC 2008
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Plenary Papers

Next Generation More-Electric Aircraft: A Potential Application for HTS Superconductors

Cesar A. Luongo, Senior Member, IEEE, Philippe J. Masson, Senior Member, IEEE, Taewoo Nam, Dimitri Mavris, Hyun D. Kim, Gerald V. Brown, Mark Waters, David Hall

Superconductors in Applications; Some Practical Aspects

J. W. Bray

Recent Main Events in Applied Superconductivity in China

Songtao Wu, Yu Wu, Yuntao Song, Weiyue Wu, Yanfang Bi, Weibin Xi, Liye Xiao, Qiuliang Wang, Yanwei Ma, Xianghong Liu, Pingxiang Zhang, Yin Xin, Bo Hou, Rui Liu, Hongjie Zhang, Zenghe Han, Jun Zheng, Jiasu Wang, Suyu Wang, Jing Shi, Juejin Tang, Ming Qiu,
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Invited and Contributed Papers - Electronics - Detectors and Related

Large Signal Amplitude and Bias Range of Cascade Switch Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors

M. Ejrnaes, A. Casaburi, O. Quaranta, S. Marchetti, A. Gaggero, F. Mattioli, R. Leoni, S. Pagano, R. Cristiano

Noise Measurements in Hot-Electron Titanium Nanobolometers

Boris S. Karasik, Sergey V. Pereverzev, David Olaya, Jian Wei, Michael E. Gershenson, and Andrei V. Sergeev

Quantum Efficiency and Polarization Effects in NbN Superconducting Single Photon Detectors

Laurent Maingault, Paul Cavalier, Roch Espiau de Lamaëstre, Laurent Frey, and Jean-Claude Villégier

Superconductive Three-terminal Amplifier/Discriminator

Orlando Quaranta, Stefania Marchetti, Nadia Martucciello, Sergio Pagano, Mikkel Ejrnaes, Roberto Cristiano, Ciro Nappi

Noise of NbN Hot Electron Bolometer Mixers above 2 THz

P. Khosropanah, W. Zhang, E.L. Kollberg, K.S. Yngvesson, J.R. Gao, T. Bansal, and M. Hajenius
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Invited and Contributed Papers - Electronics - Microwave and Terahertz Electronics

HTS Josephson Junction Cantilever Microscopy of Microwave Devices

F. Stewing, Ch. Brendel, M. Schilling

THz Generation Using Fluxon Dynamics in High Temperature Superconductors

N. F. Pedersen and S. Madsen

Shock Wave Generation and Cut off Condition in Nonlinear Series Connected Discrete Josephson Transmission Line

Hamid Reza Mohebbi and A. Hamed Majedi, Member, IEEE
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Invited and Contributed Papers - Electronics - Quibits

Modeling Three- and Four- Coupled Phase Qubits

Z. E. Thrailkill, S. T. Kennerly, R. C. Ramos
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Invited and Contributed Papers - Electronics - SFQ Digital Electronics

A Novel Power Line to Reduce the Magnetic Field of Supply Currents in Josephson Digital Circuits

Yuki Yamanashi, Theodore Van Duzer Life Fellow IEEE, Nobuyuki Yoshikawa Member IEEE

Design, Implementation and On-Chip High-Speed Test of SFQ Half-Precision Floating-Point Multiplier

H. Hara, K. Obata, H. Park,Y. Yamanashi,K. Taketomi, N. Yoshikawa, M. Tanaka, A. Fujimaki, N. Takagi, K. Takagi, S. Nagasawa

Design, Implementation, and On-Chip High-Speed Test of an SFQ Half-Precision Floating-Point Adder

Heejoung Park, Yuki Yamanashi, Kazuhiro Taketomi, Nobuyuki Yoshikawa, Masamitsu Tanaka, Koji Obata, Yuki Ito, Akira Fujimaki, Naofumi Takagi, Kazuyoshi Takagi, Shuichi Nagasawa
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Invited and Contributed Papers - Electronics - SQUIDs, SQUIFs, and Related

Miniature Thin-Film SQUID Susceptometer for Magnetic Microcalorimetry and Thermometry

S. T. P. Boyd, Vincent Kotsubo, Robin Cantor, Alexander Theodorou, and J. Ad Hall

High-linearity SQIF-like Josephson Junction Structures

V. K. Kornev, I. I. Soloviev, N. V. Klenov, O. A. Mukhanov, Senior Member, IEEE

Optimization of a Low-Tc dc SQUID Amplifier with Tightly Coupled Input Coils

J. Pleikies, O. Usenko, G. Frossati, J. Flokstra

Performance Advantages and Design Issues of SQUIFs for Microwave Application

Victor K. Kornev, Igor I. Soloviev, Nikolai V. Klenov, Timur V. Filippov, Henrik Engseth, and Oleg A. Mukhanov, Senior Member, IEEE

Simulation and Measurement of HTS Josephson Heterodyne Oscillator

J.C. Macfarlane, J. Du, R. Taylor and C.M Pegrum
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Invited and Contributed Papers - Large Scale Applications - Accelerator Cavities and Magnets

Fabrication and Test of a 3.7 m Long Support Structure for the LARP Nb3Sn Quadrupole Magnet LQS01

P. Ferracin, G. Ambrosio, M. Anerella, B. Bingham, R. Bossert, S. Caspi, D. W. Cheng, H. Felice, A. R. Hafalia, C. R. Hannaford, F. Nobrega, S. Prestemon, G. L. Sabbi, J. Schmalzle, F. Trillaud, P. Wanderer, A.V.Zlobin

Tunneling Study of SRF Cavity-grade Niobium

T. Proslier, J. Zasadzinski, L. Cooley, M. Pellin, J. Norem, J. Elam, Cl. Antoine, R. Rimmers, P. Kneisel

Power Switches Utilizing Superconducting Material for Accelerator Magnets

S. A. March, A. Ballarino, Y. Yang

Design of HQ - a High Field Large Bore Nb3Sn Quadrupole Magnet for LARP

H. Felice, G. Ambrosio, M. Anerella, R. Bossert, S. Caspi, D. Cheng, D. Dietderich, P. Ferracin, A. K. Ghosh, R. Hafalia, C. R. Hannaford, V. Kashikhin, J. Schmalze, S. Prestemon, G.L. Sabbi, P.Wanderer, A.V. Zlobin

Assembly and Test of HD2, a 36 mm Bore High Field Nb3Sn Dipole Magnet

P. Ferracin, B. Bingham, S. Caspi, D. W. Cheng, D. R. Dietderich, H. Felice, A. Godeke, A. R. Hafalia, C. R. Hannaford, J. Joseph, A. F. Lietzke, J. Lizarazo, G. Sabbi, F. Trillaud, and X. Wang
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Invited and Contributed Papers - Large Scale Applications - Coils and Windings

Transposed Cable Coil & Saddle Coils of HTS for Rotating Machines: Test Results at 30 K

M. P. Oomen, M. Leghissa, N.Proells, H.-W. Neumueller

Industrialization of Radiation-Resistant Cyanate Ester Magnet Insulation

Matthew W. Hooker, Steven A. Arzberger, Samuel D. Grandlienard, Michael W. Stewart, Naseem A. Munshi, Garry M. Voss, Robert D. Benson, and Madhu S. Madhukar

Relation between Transverse and Longitudinal Normal Zone Propagation Velocities in Impregnated MgB2 Windings

Antti Stenvall, Risto Mikkonen, and Pavol Kováč

Recent Developments in 2G HTS Coil Technology

D. W. Hazelton, V. Selvamanickam, J. M. Duval, D.C. Larbalestier, W. D. Markiewicz, H. W. Weijers, R. L. Holtz

Use of Second Generation HTS Wire in Filter Inductor Coils

C.L.H. Thieme, J.P. Voccio, K.J. Gagnon, and J.H. Claassen

Stability of Second Generation HTS Pancake Coils at 4.2K for High Heat Flux Applications

L. H. Thieme, K.J. Gagnon, J.Y. Coulter, H. Song, and J. Schwartz, Fellow, IEEE
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Invited and Contributed Papers - Large Scale Applications - Fault Current Limiters

Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of a YBCO Coated Conductor Fault Current Limiting Module

Christian Schacherer, James Langston, Member, IEEE, Michael Steurer, Senior Member, IEEE, and Mathias Noe

HTS Tapes Cooled by Liquid Nitrogen at Overloading Conditions

Sergey S. Fetisov, Vitaly S. Vysotsky, Member IEEE, and Victor E. Sytniko

Current Limiting Characteristics of Parallel-Connected Coated Conductors for High-Tc Superconducting Fault Current Limiting Transformer (HTC-SFCLT)

K.Omura, H. Kojima, N. Hayakawa, F Endo, M. Noe, H. Okubo

Feasibility Study of a Superconducting Current Limiter Application in a Cogeneration Plant

A. Henning, A. Wehner, M. Kurrat

Testing and Demonstration Results for the Transmission-Level (138kV) 2G Superconducting Fault Current Limiter at SuperPower

Juan-Carlos H. Llambes, Charles S. Weber, Drew W. Hazelton
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Invited and Contributed Papers - Large Scale Applications - Novel Devices and Techniques

Superconductors: The Next Generation of Permanent Magnets

T. A. Coombs, Z. Hong, Y. Yan, C. D. Rawlings

Transformation of the dc and ac Magnetic Field with Novel Application of the YBCO HTS RingTransformation of the dc and ac Magnetic Field with Novel Application of the YBCO HTS Ring

J. Kosa, J. Vajda, Member IEEE

Proposal of a Fully Superconducting Motor for Liquid Hydrogen Pump With MgB2 Wire

Kazuhiro Kajikawa and Taketsune Nakamura
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Invited and Contributed Papers - Large Scale Applications - Power Cables

The AC Loss Analysis in the 5m HTS Power Cables

Victor E. Sytnikov, Kirill A. Shutov, Nelly V. Polyakova, Sergei S. Fetisov, Alexander A. Nosov, and Vitaly S. Vysotsky, Member IEEE
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Invited and Contributed Papers - Materials and Conductors - High-Tc Conductors for Applications

High Performance 2G Wires : From R&D to Pilot-scale Manufacturing

V. Selvamanickam, Y. Chen, X. Xiong, Y.Y. Xie, M. Martchevski, A. Rar, Y. Qiao R.M. Schmidt, A. Knoll, K.P. Lenseth, and C.S. Weber

The Development of Second Generation HTS Wire at American Superconductor

X. Li, M.W. Rupich, C.L.H. Thieme, M. Teplitsky, S. Sathyamurthy, E. Thompson, E. Siegal, D. Buczek, J. Schreiber, K. DeMoranville, D. Hannus, J. Lynch, J. Inch, D. Tucker, R. Savoy, and S. Fleshler

Study of HTS Wires at High Magnetic Fields

D. Turrioni, E. Barzi, M. J. Lamm, R. Yamada, A. V. Zlobin, A. Kikuchi

Magnetic AC Loss Characteristics of 2G Roebel Cable

L. S. Lakshmi, K. P. Thakur, M. P. Staines, R. A. Badcock, N. J. Long

Quench Development at Supercritical Currents in Low n-Value Superconductors

Joonas Järvelä, Antti Stenvall and Risto Mikkonen

Improvement of Superconducting Properties in ROEBEL Assembled Coated Conductors

W. Goldacker, A. Frank, A. Kudymov, R. Heller, A. Kling, S. Terzieva, C. Schmidt
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Invited and Contributed Papers - Materials and Conductors - High-Tc Films

Comparative Study Between Similarly Processed YBa2Cu3O7-x Films with YBa2Cu3O7-x Films with Y2BaCuO5 or BaSnO3 Additions

B.V. Varanasi, J. Burke, L.Brunke, J.H. Lee, H. Wang, P.N. Barnes

YBCO Superconductors on Electrodeposited Biaxially Textured Buffer Layers

Raghu Bhattacharya, Sovannary Phok, Wenjun Zhao, and Andrew Norman

Growth Conditions of Sequentially Electrodeposited Buffer Layers for YBCO Superconductor

Sovannary Phok, Wenjun Zhao, and Raghu Bhattacharya

The YBCO Films with Zr4+ Doping Grown by MOD Method

M. Liu, H. L. Suo, S. Ye, D. Q. Shi, Y. Zhao, L. Ma and M. L. Zhou

Enhanced Vortex Pinning in Nanostructured YBCO/BZO Coated Conductors from Chemical Solution deposition

Alberto Pomar, Valentina Roxana Vlad, Anna Llordés, Anna Palau, Joffre Gutiérrez, Susagna Ricart, Teresa Puig, Xavier Obradors, Alexander Usoskin
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Invited and Contributed Papers - Materials and Conductors - Low-Tc Conductors for Applications

Heat Treatment Optimization Studies on PIT Nb3Sn Strand for the NED Project

T. Boutboul, L. Oberli, A. den Ouden, D. Pedrini, B. Seeber and G. Volpini

Progress of Nb3Sn Conductor Fabrication at Hyper Tech Research

X. Peng, J. Phillips, M. Rindfleisch, M. Tomsic, M. D. Sumption, E. Gregory and E.W. Collings

Systematic study on filament fracture distribution in ITER Nb3Sn strands

A. Nijhuis, Y. Miyoshi, M.C. Jewell, W. Abbas, W.A.J. Wessel
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Invited and Contributed Papers - Materials and Conductors - Magnesium Diboride

High Energy Ball-milling and Synthesis Temperature Study to Improve Superconducting Properties of MgB2

Gennaro Romano, Maurizio Vignolo, Valeria Braccini, Andrea Malagoli, Cristina Bernini, Matteo Tropeano, Carlo Fanciulli, Marina Putti and Carlo Ferdeghini